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 Mike Hatch


The Dumb Class:


Junior High

Coming of Age Fiction

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 The Dumb Class: Boomer Junior High, If Grease was a rather lighthearted view of the local hoody kids in the nineteen fifties-sixties era, The Dumb Class is a dark-humored, irreverent look at those bygone days. It is funny, poignant and a page-turner from start to finish. The Dumb Class tells about the desires, fears and joys of baby boomer teenagers finding their way along as they deal with the world of parents, siblings, neighbors, teachers, businessmen, doctors, and, of course, the police. They create their own milieu which is somewhat impervious to the society around them as they experiment, and in fact gain some expertise, with sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll years before the hit recording by Ian Dury popularized the phrase. Hoods, elites, nerds, weirdos and freaks make up the characters in this sardonic junior high school baby boomer tale set in 1960. We were just a bunch of greasers trying to have a good time and, well, sometimes, we did. An entertaining and fun read that will be much enjoyed by the boomer set and other kids, too.